Books: The Fox of Richmond Park

Years ago, when we were about 11, I reached behind Kate’s rows of Animal Ark books to find a series of books she’d written herself. I can’t remember many of them but I know that one was called “What Sounds Do Giraffes Make”.

It was an amazing story, as all stories written by 11 year olds are.

Fast forward to us being adults, and I watch in awe as Kate leaves her full time job to write a book – crowdfunding it all the way. The book she wrote is The Fox of Richmond Park.

As a funder, I received an electronic version to read when it came out, and for a couple of weeks I was engulfed in the world of park animals. It was amazing.

Vince, a stubborn but lovable fox leaves his home in Richmond Park when dickhead deer Edward caves in his home. He finds himself on the streets, with happy-go-lucky magpie Rita as a sidekick, in search of the park that his grandparents spoke of.

You know a book is really good when, even after putting it down, you’re holding on to those emotions from the story. I felt angry for hours following reading parts with Edward in it (I also hate geese now, but I can’t tell you why as it’s a spoiler). When Vince meets interesting new characters, I felt the warmth of exciting new friendships.

Each character was so well written, with fantastic traits and event linguistic differences; this isn’t just a kids’ tale with half hearted writing. My cat from Japan, Sherbet, also makes an appearance!

With so many twists and turns, it really is a page-turner, with an amazing revelation about one of the key characters at the end.

I’m so proud of Kate, she’s done an amazing job, and has shown that you CAN do the thing you love. She’s a real inspiration.

You can find The Fox of Richmond Park on the Kindle Store, and also in paperback in Waterstones. Tell all your friends, as they’ll want to read it too.


  1. I use to love the Animal Ark books… I didn’t know about the other ones!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Here’s the link if anyone is interested

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