How to Change Your Soil

Recently I went to a learning and development meetup called Mindchimp. A small group of us sat together with pizza and diet coke and listened to four amazing speakers talk about how to inspire change.

I really enjoyed myself there; I’ve not had any reason to go to professional meetups for the past year so I let them slide as it’s always a heavy use of my social energy tokens to go to a networking event. But I know deep down that I come away buzzing with ideas.

In particular, one concept from Mindchimp has been buzzing round my brain:

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How to give a talk about yourself

giving a talk

Back when I was new in my previous job, I was asked to stand in for my boss to give a talk about my career. My boss was quite well known, had started her own business. I was someone who had just jumped from a year-long stint in apprenticeship recruitment into this company.

I said yes to the opportunity but I felt like a fraud. Why would these people want to know about my career – I have done nothing?

The theme was alternative careers in education, so I detailed my work in Japan, what I had done in the apprenticeship company and what my new role was. I peppered my slides with photos of me along my journey. [Read more…]

How to Achieve Your Goals Better

reach goals


This year has gone so quickly, and it only seems like a few weeks ago that I was setting myself a goal for the year.

It seems such a shame that we only look over our goals once a year, though. I remember reading years ago that goals set at the start of the year are much less likely to be achieved than at other times of the year. [Read more…]

Why asking yourself why is the key


Recently I’ve been helping a lot of students with their personal statements for university applications. It’s been quite an insightful experience, and I really love speaking with students about what they want to achieve, however, many of the documents given to me start with: [Read more…]

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