How to use a Life Wheel to be Happier

charlotte steggz

As the days grow shorter and we feel more tired, it can be easy to feel less motivated than in the warmer months. Waking up in the dark and shivering as you dash to your car, the bed seems so inviting and the outside world…much less so.

When the excitement of summer starts to be a memory, it’s a perfect time to reassess what’s going on in life. Having a clear picture of where we are and where we want to be is the key to getting out of the warm duvet when the floor is cold and the shower takes AGES to warm up.  [Read more…]

5 Ways to Make “Adulting” Easier


I have (Quorn) beef with the word “adulting”. It seems that it’s so fashionable to exclaim that we’re not “adulting”, grinning with glee at how we’re not coping to do things we see as “adult”.

I’ve been through this phase as well; I have a  t-shirt with “I can’t adult today” written in caps on it. I wore it on my 30th birthday meal with my family in a rebellious protest against being responsible.  [Read more…]

Student Finance: What You Need to Know

Student finance UK

The other week, I went to a conference for people who work in Widening Participation, the sector that helps a more diverse range of people get into university.

The opening talk was given by the shadow secretary for education who went on and on about how students are leaving university with such huge debts and how this is terrible.

It was at this point that I knew that I didn’t care for his thoughts.

Just in case this gentleman is reading, and also anyone else who wants to know about money and being a student, I’d like to lay out everything you need to know about student finance.

Let’s go. [Read more…]

Spend Just 10 Mins to Greatly Improve Your Life

This week I bumped into one of my favourite people – Joe Glover. Like me, he has a full-time job, but does other cool stuff on the side (if you’re in Cambridge, London or Norwich then you really must check out his marketing meetups. Not just for people who work in marketing; it’s useful for anyone in business).

I’d not seen him in a while, not since he started the London and Norwich meetups. And also the podcast to accompany them. I had to ask him:

How do you find the time to do it all?

[Read more…]

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