What Do You Do? Mental Health Nursing with Ali

Kew Gardens

Ali is an amazing person; badass mum, ridic funny comedian and also mental health nurse. In my work, I try to promote health careers to students because we desperately need more people doing these roles.

I really enjoyed speaking with Ali about her job, it’s not really a career we hear much about, so I really appreciated being able to ask so many questions.

Got any questions for Ali? Ask them in the comments!






What Do You Do? Comedy with Chris Norton Walker

Chris Norton Walker

When I think about the people I know and the careers they do, a large number of them I find inspirational because they work so hard for a thing they love to do. Chris is one of those people. He’s a professional comedian and if you’ve been to comedy nights you’ve probably seen him. [Read more…]

What Do You Do? Marketing with Kelly

work in marketing

A long time ago, I did a series called “What It’s Like To Be A…” where I interviewed friends about their jobs and published the answers in print. You can still find these posts by searching “what it’s like to be a”. They were super fun to do, and readers at the time seemed to enjoy them, so I decided to start them up again.

Only, this time, instead of publishing them in print, I have decided to record them. [Read more…]

6 Months In – My Experience as a Mentor

July marked the halfway point in the relationship between me and my two mentees.

I didn’t plan to be a mentor, but when my colleague told me about two students from a local school who would be good matches for me, I couldn’t say no.

With around 6 years’ experience in teaching, as well as the work I’ve done helping young people at both my current and previous jobs, I not only thought that this would be a great chance to make a more powerful impact on someone’s life – but also that this would be a doddle.

Boy was I wrong about that last bit. [Read more…]

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