Teacher Appreciation Day

teacher appreciation day

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day. It is something I have been vaguely aware of in the past due to Americans on social media, but I’m pretty sure British people don’t celebrate.

I think we should start.

There’s a financial awareness game that this wonderful organisation called CHYPPS do in schools sometimes. In the activity the students firstly pick a job, then pick a home, then make choices based on how much money they have left. Do they have enough to shop at Tescos each week, or do they need to shop ad Aldi? [Read more…]

Voices that Need to Go Viral

Rebecca Louise Law

Back when I was in Japan, there was a viral news story in the west about children in Japanese schools licking each others’ eyeballs. I had never heard of it before. None of the children I knew did it, and when I asked Japanese friends they also said that they had never heard of it.

As far as I could see, there had been one mention of it on an online forum and then the world had just jumped on this small window into a culture that no one is able to understand. People are much less likely to look into the credibility of such a story, instead wave their hand and say “gosh, those Japanese people are just WEIRD!” [Read more…]

My Takeaway from TEDx Norwich ED

TEDx Norwich ED

On Saturday I ventured over to Norwich for the TEDx ED event. I went with my friend Sarah, who runs a great company called Plain Sailing; she helps people understand their motivations in life. I HIGHLY recommend her training.

I’d never been to a TEDx event before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, except to come away inspired and having networked with people passionate about the things I’m passionate about. Both of these things happened.

As someone who has a lot of experience in running events, I want to point out first and foremost that the organisers and the volunteers involved were excellent. For a very small ticket price, we had a wonderful day of talks, FOUR meals (breakfast, a banging lunch, TWO cake breaks), and a goody bag. The whole day was seamless. [Read more…]

In Defence of The Bad Boys

Charlotte Steggz

I was with a student recently, giving him a mock interview. The student sat down opposite me, his coat still on, zipped up to cover his mouth. He avoided eye contact at all costs.

“So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

“Uhm…not really”

Ugh, it was going to be a tricky one. Sometimes those 15 minutes fly by and you want more time with the student, sometimes it feels like 15 years.

“Ok…can you tell me a little bit about your work experience placement”

The boy shrugs. “It’s in a shop”. [Read more…]

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