EduChat: Why It’s Important To Speak With Students About Your Career

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Having dinner with a friend the other night, he told me that his company recently took on a work experience student. I know that his company had been very closed to engaging with young people before, having previously tried to encourage the company to take on work experience students, or apprentices. I asked him what changed the boss’ mind?

He was a governor at the school the student came from. [Read more…]

EduChat: “Young People Are So Entitled”

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I’d like to start writing more about working with young people, careers, and skills gaps. Basically about my work. The content I do about my job on Instagram tends to be very well received so many it will do on here as well. If there are any other educators out there I’d love to start connecting to discuss these topics!

The other week I was in a sixth form college, giving talks on Labour Market Information, which is one of the Gatsby Benchmarks for good careers education. Normally, in other schools, I’ll be talking to students about where there are gaps in local skills, on the salaries they can expect in different local fields and what sectors are thriving in and around Cambridge. [Read more…]

Why Mentoring Is So Important

My last job was in a very male environment. While everyone I worked with were good people, there was a lot of masculine banter and I felt that often, as a woman, my ideas were not as valued as well as my male colleagues’.

I reached out to someone higher up in the company, a woman who was very strong in her position. She is the type of business person who can be seen as cold and heartless, but does the nasty bits of business that no one wants to do – like telling people they’re not meeting their targets. While I didn’t necessarily relate to her or aspire to be like her, I do, at some point in my life want to be a strong business woman on her level. [Read more…]

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