I started life the daughter of a single mum on a council estate. An aquisition of a an extremely hard working step-dad saw us go from living in a very run town town with little aspirations, to living in a really nice house in an affluent area by the time I was 13.

I started taking freely available Japanese classes, went to Japan on a free trip, went to uni, lived in Japan and then worked as a translator at Nintendo.

Pretty cool for a working class child of a single mum, huh.

Having been the product of social mobility through freely available activities and opportunities, I want to be able to offer the same things to today’s young people.

Here on my blog, you can find the following:

  • employability skills tips and hints (like CV writing, interview skills etc)

  • posts about young people and how we can help them be everything they dream of being

  • posts about how employers can better prepare for Gen Y entering their work force

I no longer do brand partnerships on the blog (I may do them on Instagram however). If you have a press release about the above topics then I will gladly look into writing content around it.

You can write to me at CharlotteSteggz[at]gmail.com