How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

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In my job, I have to think about marketing a lot. Not only thinking about our brand as a whole, but I need to be marketing my events so that professionals from a wide range of industries will come and speak with students.

For me, one of the best platforms to market on is LinkedIn. If the people you want to reach are professionals, then this is the place you should be targeting.

LinkedIn is a funny platform. It’s a social media, but it’s for professionals, but it’s also got a lot of people killing time while at work. The reasons why you might want to use this platform may be:

  • That you want to reach people high up in a company and tell them about your brand.
  • You may be looking for a job and want to be noticed by the right people.
  • That you’re looking for advice or tips on something.

Increasingly, recently, I have been noticing people using LinkedIn much in the same way people may use Facebook, with memes, inappropriate posts, and mindless chit-chat. I usually remove people from my list who are treating the site unprofessionally.

I’ve also seen some people I know who are looking for jobs, or freelance gigs who are coming across as desperate – be careful not to do this as it’ll have the opposite effect.

Want to know how to use LinkedIn professionally and successfully?

The first thing to know about the algorithm is that you have to show it that your content is good before it shows your posts to all of your followers. You have 500 connections? Awesome! Only a mere fraction of those are going to see your posts unless you come up with a strategy.

The strategy I use is to submit posts that I know will get a lot of interaction, at times when I feel they will get the most engagement. For example, on a Friday afternoon I posted a question asking what career people feel that men are under represented in. I would say the majority of the people who engage with me on LinkedIn are men, and this is a topic they’d want to get involved in. Plus the fact it’s a Friday afternoon when people are bored and killing time.

Within an hour it had a couple of hundred views. Even though it had about 5 likes and maybe 4 comments, the connections of those who engaged would also see my post – it webs out.

The interesting thing is that LinkedIn is mostly used on the weekends. I came back to work on Monday morning and found that my post had over 2000 views. While this isn’t what I necessarily want to be publishing, it taught the algorithm that my posts are good, so the next time I posted about an event we had coming up, it was shown to a much wider group of people than it would have been if I didn’t do the male careers post.

When you set out to do this, do remember that it’s a professional social media platform, though, otherwise you’ll lose connections. I often see things like word games or the like that encourage people to continue a pun run, or tag someone in a meme. These kinds of interactions ARE good for getting more engagement and will help boost your actual posts, but they will also make you seem very unprofessional.

LinkedIn is your online CV. When I’ve applied for jobs I notice people from those companies checking out my page (you can see a list of those who have visited). If you post unprofessional things, you will limit the chances of you being called in for an interview. As I mentioned earlier, looking desperate – for example, posting multiple times a day complaining about recruiters, or giving details of how an interviewer wronged you, or begging for people to look at your profile, will hinder your chances as well. If used well, LinkedIn can be a shining example of how you put skills such as communication, community building as well as marketing to practice.

On a separate note, I’m loving this Joanie dress! It’s quite tight in the bust, so I’ve just been rocking it undone. It goes perfectly with my peach cardie from Primark – perfect for sunny days!

Do you have any LinkedIn pro tips? Share them in the comments!


  1. Got the feeling I’ll be going back to this post again and again. Great advice.
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