Keeping Acne Away with Sk:n


I have said it before and I’ll say it again – there should be a law made to say that anyone who pays taxes should not have to have acne. And yet, here I am.

When I was younger, I could get away with buying whatever was cheapest at Boots and just using that, but as I’m older and the cause of my acne goes from teenage skin to high stress and a busy life, I need to put a bit more thought into what I put on my face.

The thing is, I don’t believe in spending LOADS on beauty products, face creams that do very little, and products that promise to make you feel a million pounds (with a similar price tag). I’m all about making conscious choices on good products that are going to clear my stressed-out skin and let me get on with life.

Sk:n approached me a while back and told me all about their skin range – I knew them as a clinic but had no idea they made products as well. After a short consultation, I was prescribed the Facial Exfoliating Cleanser and the Hydrator for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin.

In the interests of giving a fair review, I’ve been using these both for the past three weeks.

Let’s do the cleanser first. I’ve been using it after my two-step makeup removal, applying it to my face with my hands before washing it off with a muslin cloth. The instructions say that it might sting a little – I’ve not found this at all.

It’s creamy in texture and despite being exfoliating, does no contain any sand/grains/beads etc.

The thing I want you to take away from this is how lovely this smells. Honestly, it’s a joy to use because of the scent. Sweet, creamy, like a nice ice cream.

The hydrator says that you need to leave it 10 minutes after applying it, so I have been using it at night only, following my evening routine. It’s a thick cream, that does sink in pretty easily and leaves my skin feeling really nice.

The downside to the hydrator is that it doesn’t smell quite that nice. I don’t know if it’s just because I have it right after the heavenly scent of the cleanser, but I feel it smells a little more clinical, slightly like bathroom cleaning products.

The rest of my skincare routine has been that in the morning I use a simple Lush face wash, and use serums and sometimes moisturisers in the morning – though since I have moisturised at night I have been skipping the day cream.

My skin has been much better, since using these products. I still get massive angry under-the-skin spots caused by stress, but the pores around my nose, and the yucky spots on my chin have definitely cleared up.

Both products are the kinds of prices that I would have to really look into how good they are, but I will be buying the cleanser again. Until then, I’ll be using both products each night – if I change my mind on both products I’ll do an update!

I was very kindly sent these products form Sk:n but I hope to provide an honest review – all thoughts my own.

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