New Glasses with David Clulow

You know how some people fear going to the dentist? The sound of the drill, the smell of the chemicals, having some rando’s face next to yours?

I feel the exact same way about going to get my eyes checked.


Here are just some of the reasons why I do not like getting my eyes checked:

The light that they shine in your eyes makes my eyes automatically close, without my control, and the ophthalmologist gets super pissed because I’m holding everything up with my eyes being all NOPE.

The blow of air thing INTO MY EYE.

Not really knowing whether green or red is brighter and just saying what I think they want me to say.

People who work in opticians are invariably good looking, so when they’re IN MY FACE I start getting anxious about whether my breath is bad, or if he can see my spots, all while trying to sniff myself to make sure I’ve not got Cycling BO.

Enter David Clulow*.

On a wet and windy day in July I fought through the crowds of tourists to find myself in their bright and shiny Covent Garden branch.

David Clulow opticians are not about rushing nervous customers through the motions so they can get to the next. The second I stepped through the door I felt like a total queen and it was amazing.

I admitted straight off the bat to Shaun, who was helping me select my frames, that the last glasses I bought had come from an online shop, and while they looked OK, they were totally crap and fall off my face when I’m looking down.

Not an ounce of judgement, Shaun told me I was in safe hands. I tried on half a dozen frames from their Ray Ban collection, and had almost decided when he pulled out something very different – a grey/blue frame shaped a bit more square than I’d usually pick.

They were amazing. I fell in love. Can someone tell me if Shaun is available to go shopping for all kinds of fashion? I need that.

It was time. The eye test.

Garry was my ophthalmologist victim this time, although I did warn him that my eyes are complete divas and will probably not cooperate.

The test was the best I’ve ever had. Not rushing in the slightest, and not being annoyed at all at my eyes being complete wusses. He even explained to me what each part of the test did, meaning that I knew exactly why red was stronger than green, or vice versa.

It turns out that my eyesight has improved a little since my last test! Hazzah!

Just one week later, I was able to pop into their Cambridge branch to pick them up.

The lady helping me wanted nothing short of perfection with the fit of my frames, and made adjustments until they fit just right.

Looking at their website, I also really appreciate that they are helping combat modern slavery.


What do you think of my new frames?!

Read more about David Clulow opticians here, and about how they put the “care” into “eyecare” here! #ClulowCares!

They have branches across the South of England, (soz, Northerners) and you can find your nearest one here.


I received my new glasses from David Clulow but as always all reviews are honest.


  1. Nice specs. I don’t get my eyes checked as often as I should. I really should though, I think my eyes are getting worse since I’m at home all the time now.
    Steven Glassman recently posted…Happy Birthday, Orlando!My Profile

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