How to Change Your Soil

Recently I went to a learning and development meetup called Mindchimp. A small group of us sat together with pizza and diet coke and listened to four amazing speakers talk about how to inspire change.

I really enjoyed myself there; I’ve not had any reason to go to professional meetups for the past year so I let them slide as it’s always a heavy use of my social energy tokens to go to a networking event. But I know deep down that I come away buzzing with ideas.

In particular, one concept from Mindchimp has been buzzing round my brain:

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How to use Glassdoor to Boost your Career

Most people think of Glassdoor as that place you go to when you’ve left a terrible job and you want to leave a bad review. The TripAdvisor of the employment world.

But it’s so much more than that, and I’m always keen to show students that it exists, and how to use it, as it can help you with things from getting a pay rise, to doing better in interviews.

Let me show you how.

Level 1 – Beginner

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Revision Tips for Students

I think a lot of people take for granted how much of an art revision is. Especially for parents going through their first round of exams with their children, it can be a tricky time as it’s hard to know what to advise.

Learning from institutions who have revision sorted is really useful, which is why I’m really glad that the Taunton Sixth Form in Somerset have provided these great tips for anyone approaching exams this summer!

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IWD2019: Let’s Make Room for Boys

Happy International Women’s Day 2019. I’d like to talk about boys.

Hear me out.

I’m currently running a mini experiment at work. In one of my schools, I’ve been running a boys’ club where every week over pizza, we discuss things like mental health, next steps and finance. I ran it with 9 students and it’s been really successful. I had almost perfect attendance and when I see the boys in the corridors they beg for more sessions (even requesting what they’d like to learn about next, proving that it’s not just about pizza). Through evaluation forms, they told me that it was a safe place for them to discuss things, and that they feel more confident as a result of the club.

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