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What it’s Like to be… an SEO Strategy Lead


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about what I want to be when I grow up* and I realised I really enjoyed making my How To Get A Job series last year – and that recruitment is a pretty interesting subject.

With this in mind, I wanted to go a little further down this rabbit hole and look into the different areas of work people can go into. I had a fairly rural upbringing and when I was a kid, everyone’s parents were very basic jobs – teachers, secretaries, police officers etc. I look at my friends now and realise that I have so many people doing really amazing things, so I decided to question them! [Read more…]

How to Add Value at Work

Success means a lot of different things to different people, but I would put a safe bet on being valuable in what you do – whether that’s being great in your team, making money for your business, helping others, or some other value – being a large part of what success means to most of us.

Adding value has huge benefits. Not only the buzz of knowing you’re absolutely rocking it, but it may line you up nicely for a promotion, get you noticed by the right people or maybe win you an award at work. There’s a lot of pay off to working on your value.

You don’t have to just be a climber for this to be relevant to you. We all want to be good at our jobs (right?) Thriving in what we do greatly helps with job satisfaction, and even in less than perfect work situations, adding value can see you reap as much as you sow.

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Why your kid won’t study

The Chrismtas holidays have magical transformational powers. What was once a carefree year 11 is now a stressed out worrier with a twitch. What was a slightly concerned parent is now someone with insomnia, unable to sleep through thoughts of their teenager on the streets because they didn’t get their level 4 in maths.

This week I have had not one but three requests from parents of year 11s to have a sit down and “talk some sense” into their teen. It seems there is a great need for help in this area, so I thought I’d write some tips to help. If you’re a parent/carer/guardian of a teen who’s a bit too chill for their upcoming exams, hold on to the end and I may be able to help some more.

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Make It Easy for Myself?

Over the Christmas holidays, the place I usually hold the Cambridge Japanese Circle, a weekly conversation club for Japanese and English speakers, with a 130-member strong group, was closed. Instead I held it at our family home, sitting beside a roaring fire and a real Christmas tree.

My Japanese friends had brought me gifts, which was unexpected. It’s been a while since I lived in Japan and I couldn’t remember what the etiquette was for receiving gifts…something about refusing three times?

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