Working with Teachers

The Secret Teacher

There is a whole group of careers that are related to schools, but don’t exist IN schools.

There are people who sell solutions and products to schools; perhaps edutech things, CPD or toolkits. These jobs are really tough because schools just don’t have money to spend on things, even if they know deep down that what you’ll selling will make their lives easier.

There are other people who have been given funding to do stuff in schools for free, but need the schools’ cooporation to deliver these things. These jobs are probably even more tough because you’re asking the school for the one thing more valuable than their money – their time.

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What you need to know about Apprenticeships


I was watching the BBC2 documentary series School last night. In this episode, about behaviour, an adult-looking teenage boy had been excluded from school due to repeated terrible behaviour.

The camera met him in his bedroom, where he was playing video games. “What will you do next?” we hear from behind the camera. “Uh, I’m hoping to just get an apprenticeship” he shrugs and replies.

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Why Teenagers Make Poor Life Decisions

teenage brain

Recently, I have been in conversation with a rental scam artist. Well, several, in fact, but one that was pretty convincing for a time.

He was advertising a one bed flat in Cambridge, for £640 a month. Anyone who knows anything about Cambridge would know that the price in itself is worthy of causing suspicion. Daughter of a frugal father, I still messaged the poster to see what the deal is. [Read more…]

Book Review: The Multi-Hyphen Method

The Multi-Hyphen Method

Recently, in companies I have worked for in the past, there have been a number of redundancies. I have yet to be made redundant in any role, but I am sure that the odds are stacked against me for the future. My current and my previous roles are both paid for by external funding, so it’s a very dangerous place to be in.

With that in mind, I picked up Emma Gannon’s book The Multi-Hyphen Method. I am a huge fan of Emma’s; she’s a thought leader in the future of working and has the kind of career I dream of having. She does talks, writes articles, makes podcasts. This would be the dream for me. [Read more…]

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