My Takeaway from TEDx Norwich ED

TEDx Norwich ED

On Saturday I ventured over to Norwich for the TEDx ED event. I went with my friend Sarah, who runs a great company called Plain Sailing; she helps people understand their motivations in life. I HIGHLY recommend her training.

I’d never been to a TEDx event before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, except to come away inspired and having networked with people passionate about the things I’m passionate about. Both of these things happened.

As someone who has a lot of experience in running events, I want to point out first and foremost that the organisers and the volunteers involved were excellent. For a very small ticket price, we had a wonderful day of talks, FOUR meals (breakfast, a banging lunch, TWO cake breaks), and a goody bag. The whole day was seamless. [Read more…]

This Blog is Changing


Whenever someone asks me what I blog about, my answer usually sounds something like this:

“well, I used to write about how cool my life was abroad but now I just write about stuff”.

I’ve been conflicted for a while, writing a mixture of what gets clicks, what I think I should be writing about, and what I really want to be writing about. By doing so, I’ve got a weird mixture of an audience; one that probably couldn’t tell me what niche my blog is in any better than I could. [Read more…]

Book: Do / Fly

Do Fly

Back when I was in Leeds, I stumbled across an amazing little book shop called Village Books. It was full of really rare magazines on very niche subjects, and as I moved around the small shop I wanted to find something to buy, to support such a unique shop. Every corner I turned, I was amazing at the items on sale but none of them spoke out to me enough to actually buy them. [Read more…]

Turn the Tables in an Interview

Interview Tips

This week I read a really funny post on LinkedIn while I was at work. It was a fictional advert from a candidate to a job offer, using all of those overly used phrases. “There has been a high level of interest”, “your details will be kept on record in case an opportunity arises in the future”.

It even asked the company to give references for the manager’s direct reports, and to check the director’s credit rating as part of the decision process. [Read more…]

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