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Voices that Need to Go Viral

Rebecca Louise Law

Back when I was in Japan, there was a viral news story in the west about children in Japanese schools licking each others’ eyeballs. I had never heard of it before. None of the children I knew did it, and when I asked Japanese friends they also said that they had never heard of it.

As far as I could see, there had been one mention of it on an online forum and then the world had just jumped on this small window into a culture that no one is able to understand. People are much less likely to look into the credibility of such a story, instead wave their hand and say “gosh, those Japanese people are just WEIRD!” [Read more…]

My Takeaway from TEDx Norwich ED

TEDx Norwich ED

On Saturday I ventured over to Norwich for the TEDx ED event. I went with my friend Sarah, who runs a great company called Plain Sailing; she helps people understand their motivations in life. I HIGHLY recommend her training.

I’d never been to a TEDx event before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, except to come away inspired and having networked with people passionate about the things I’m passionate about. Both of these things happened.

As someone who has a lot of experience in running events, I want to point out first and foremost that the organisers and the volunteers involved were excellent. For a very small ticket price, we had a wonderful day of talks, FOUR meals (breakfast, a banging lunch, TWO cake breaks), and a goody bag. The whole day was seamless. [Read more…]

Weight, Beauty and Khloe Kardashian

Charlotte Steggz

Photo taken by Sian’s Photography

One of the activities I do in schools is where students pitch business ideas. We do it with younger kids because they are keen, not too-cool-for-school and also they have great imagination.

I was running one last week and was helping out in one of the classrooms. My favourite thing is sitting with the kids and just chatting with them, trying to understand what makes them happy, what makes them worry about the future. A group of girls were developing their idea; a beauty box that has unisex products. So far so good. I loved how progressive the idea was – and could actually see how this could sell well. [Read more…]

EduChat: Why It’s Important To Speak With Students About Your Career

Cambridge Uk

Having dinner with a friend the other night, he told me that his company recently took on a work experience student. I know that his company had been very closed to engaging with young people before, having previously tried to encourage the company to take on work experience students, or apprentices. I asked him what changed the boss’ mind?

He was a governor at the school the student came from. [Read more…]

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