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I think a lot of people take for granted how much of an art revision is. Especially for parents going through their first round of exams with their children, it can be a tricky time as it’s hard to know what to advise.

Learning from institutions who have revision sorted is really useful, which is why I’m really glad that the Taunton Sixth Form in Somerset have provided these great tips for anyone approaching exams this summer!

Prepare a Timetable

Organisation is key, so it might be worth putting together a structured revision timetable so that you know which topics you should be working on. If you’re struggling with a particular module, you might want to add a little extra time to your timetable for that area so that you can get up to scratch. Make sure to factor in regular rest time because it’s important to give yourself a break from the books at regular intervals.

Have a Positive Mind-set

If you convince yourself you’re going to fail then you probably will. It can be tricky, but try and be optimistic with regard to your studies and simply try your best. If you feel like you do need a little extra help in one of your subjects, don’t be afraid to speak to your tutors. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.

Set Up a Study Space

Make sure you have somewhere quiet and tidy to do your revision. There should be no distractions and all of your stationery and books should be organised neatly and ready to use. If there’s nowhere quiet in your own home then you might want to think about heading to the library for a few hours.

Do Practise Papers

Old exams papers are a fantastic way to revise because they give you an idea of what to expect in the real thing. It will help familiarise you of the format so you don’t miss any questions or spend too long on the smaller questions and not leave yourself enough time for the bigger ones. The questions will be similar and you can try timing yourself, to make it seem as real as possible. You can ask your teacher to give you some papers or find them online. You can use the mark scheme to figure out which topics need some more focus.

Reward Yourself

When you’ve spent a long time revising, make sure you reward yourself after. Knowing that you have something to look forward to at the end will encourage you to work hard and get through it.

Thank you to Taunton for the advice! If you have study tips please do leave them in the comments – I’d love to pass them on to the students I work with!

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