Spend Just 10 Mins to Greatly Improve Your Life

This week I bumped into one of my favourite people – Joe Glover. Like me, he has a full-time job, but does other cool stuff on the side (if you’re in Cambridge, London or Norwich then you really must check out his marketing meetups. Not just for people who work in marketing; it’s useful for anyone in business).

I’d not seen him in a while, not since he started the London and Norwich meetups. And also the podcast to accompany them. I had to ask him:

How do you find the time to do it all?

His answer was simple – he is dedicated to what he’s doing, he enjoys it so it doesn’t feel like hard work, and he also cuts out things like watching TV.

I’m really glad I know Joe. I feel we are very similar to each other; we’re both aiming for great things and his answer to my question is exactly how I live my life. I quite happily read piles of education and social mobility publications in my free time, and I rarely watch tv. And when I do, it’s in Japanese so I can keep up that unused skill.

One of my secrets to “doing it all” and staying highly motivated is that I have a heavily curated life. I truly believe in surrounding myself with people, content and experiences that will lift me up and help me in my goals. Everyone I spend time with is extraordinary, inspiring and motivated.

But in this world of social media dominance, it’s not enough to just have really awesome friends. You also need really awesome online friends as well.

In the title of this post I promise that in 10 minutes you can greatly improve your life. It’s coming up – are you ready?

Every time you have 10 minutes to spare, pick a social media platform you spend a lot of time on, and clean up who you follow.

Curate your online world.

From time to time, I’ll watch YouTube videos while I eat breakfast. The other morning I had 10 minutes spare before I had to get out the door, so I went into my subscriptions and cleaned them up.

I removed the beauty tutorials I don’t need anymore. I removed “react” channels. All of the brain-dead content I started following years ago that’s been sat there ever since went. And I added a couple of new people instead.

Next time I went to pick a video to watch, instead of scrolling past OLD PEOPLE REACT TO EMOJIS and TEN BEAUTY PRODUCTS I GOT FOR FREE BUT WANT YOU TO BUY, I easily picked out the videos that will wake my brain up and help me start the day.

This can be done with anything; recently I also did the same with who I follow on Twitter, and cleared out hundreds of people I no longer wished to read the opinions of.

A more carefully curated feed will be giving you relevant information, messages and motivation. Whether you want to be on top of current affairs, be more mentally healthy, start your own business or just know more about a topic, weeding out what’s not useful and doubling down on what is, will get you there twice as fast.

As a side note, this doesn’t mean that we don’t all need down time. But assess what is good downtime to you – what activities help you switch off? In my case, watching those videos was a time killer and not a relaxation process. I properly switch off by watching some good old Japanese reality tv (Terrace House, anyone??) or by catching up with my amazing friends over some yummy food.

To help you kick-start this task, here are a couple of the people I’ve added to my feeds recently:

Instagram: Lucy Sheridan, The Comparison Coach. Fantastic advice about how to be in your lane without trying to be someone you’re not.

YouTube: Charisma on Command. I don’t watch all that he posts but he has some really great videos on how to make small changes to your actions and words to make a bigger impact.

Podcast: Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. Presented by Bruce Daisley, this looks into lots of really interesting aspects of working life.

Now it’s over to you. Next time you have 10 minutes spare, curate your feed and please do share back with me the quality content you add!



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