Teaching Resources

Teachers have enough on their plates already without thinking about these extra things like careers and employability skills. To make things easier, here are some of the resources I use in schools, which you are free to download and edit as you wish.

If you use my resources and think they’re great – please let me know!

Things I have created/Use at work

Year 10 PHSE future planning session: Options Presentation / Year 10 Options Lesson Plan / Blog Post

This lesson helps students think about what they want to aim for in the next few years, explains their options to them in an unbiased way, then breaks down any barriers they may have put up for themselves.

Interview skills lesson: Presentation / Pinterest Post / Blog Post

The presentation needs to teaching plan as it’s pretty self-explanatory. Covers common interview questions and how to answer them, as well as guidance for group interviews and questions that interviewers should not ask.


Other resources that I think are great at getting young people to think about their futures


PodcastHow I Got Here from Radio One. An excellent podcast aimed at teenagers, with successful people explaining what they did to do their job.

BookYou Are Awesome by Matthew Syed. Personally, I think this would suit children from years 5 through to 9, it’s a bit cringey in places and he tries to be “down with the kids” which I think wouldn’t fly with kids older than that. A really powerful motivational book all about trying hard and playing big. If you’re buying this please consider supporting your local book shop and not buying from Amazon!