The Cats of Istanbul









Yes, I did spend my whole week in Istanbul taking photos of cats.

Stop judging me…


  1. Istanbul I am lovin’ it ! 🙂

  2. Cats are an important part of culture… right?

  3. Ich lieeeeebe Katzen!!!!! Ich lächele noch ganz verzückt vom Betrachten Deiner süßen Bilder.

  4. Haha! Fun theme and cute photos, you future crazy cat lady 🙂

  5. You weren’t kidding! So many cats!
    I love these pictures, so beautiful!

  6. Sarah Grace says

    That fifth picture of the grey tabby is wonderful. The little fellow looks like he is in a nice happy daze.

  7. That’s a lovely collection of yours :3
    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit in Istanbul- thanks to the cats. Check out my friend’s account, as a resident of the city she’s quite obsessed with cats of it too.

    • Oh that’s great! I really did fall in love with the city. I may even be living there in the future!

      (ps I’m a Death Note fan too!)

      • You’ll be welcome to do so ^^
        Btw, I see that you’re living in Germany and I’ll go there to Berlin to study for a semester. I couldn’t check your blog properly since I’m surfing with my phone (the reason why you’ve got a hell of a click from Turkey in a day) so have you got any tips for living/traveling or any separate entry for that?

        • Yep! I went to Berlin for a weekend in October – just check out my Berlin tag and check out my posts on it. I think it’s a lot better to live there than to visit there, so I didn’t have such a good impression. But I would definitely say it’s a cool, cheap place to live.

  8. wonderful pictures

  9. I also always take pictures of cats when I seem them during travel. They’re just so darned cute!


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