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Whenever someone asks me what I blog about, my answer usually sounds something like this:

“well, I used to write about how cool my life was abroad but now I just write about stuff”.

I’ve been conflicted for a while, writing a mixture of what gets clicks, what I think I should be writing about, and what I really want to be writing about. By doing so, I’ve got a weird mixture of an audience; one that probably couldn’t tell me what niche my blog is in any better than I could.

My aim in life is to work towards bringing about social mobility through education. I don’t believe in luck, and I don’t believe in being #blessed, but through a series of events that include:

  • dad working really hard to get a promotion, meaning we moved to a more affluent area
  • my teachers being really proactive about getting me to do extra curricular things
  • my English boyfriend at uni dumping me for a Japanese girl one week after we started studying in Japan, meaning that I was hell bent on coming back to uni better that him (and everyone else) at Japanese

I find myself having started life on a council estate with a single mum, but as a 31 year old I look back on a life that has seen me achieve so many amazing things.

If I were to call myself blessed, it would be because I can understand what it’s like to be from a disadvantaged background, so I can speak with authenticity when I talk about social mobility.

A while back, I told my boss that I wanted to start meeting a mentor. We explored a couple of different options but in the end there was one person who I knew in my gut would be right. She very kindly agreed to help me, and last week I had my first meeting with her.

The first thing she told me was that if I want to achieve my goal of being a thought leader in education, I need to cut the other things out. This means no more food posts, no more face wash. No more travel tips.

It was such a bitter pill to swallow, but this is what I’ve known deep down for a while now.

With this in mind, moving forward, on my blog you will find posts about:

  1. Helping the next generation
  2. Employability tips and guides for anyone
  3. Resources to help you be a leader in whatever you do

There might be people out there much less interested in helping the next generation, but it’s important for us all to think about these things; it takes a village to raise a child, right?

I hope to write more meaningful content, that I care deeply about, and to grow this movement to be an army of amazing people wanting to make the world an amazing place, for everyone.

To finish, I feel that this (slightly untranslatable) Japanese phrase is rather fitting:


“Moving forward, please continue to support me”


  1. Feels like a totally spot on decision, Charlotte. I won’t be going anywhere, will absolutely keep reading. Looking forward to what’s coming 🙂
    Christie | A Sausage Has Two recently posted…Regional German Specialties: Frankfurter Grüne SoßeMy Profile

  2. What, no more food? That’s it then… you’ve lost me as a reader 😉

    Just kidding, of course. Obviously you should do what you think is right and I will definitely be along for the ride (although I may not comment if I have nothing to contribute).
    Confuzzled Bev recently posted…Switzerland, three years onMy Profile

    • Charlotte says

      OH NO!!! Hahah
      Well, I hope to make this kind of thing accessible to everyone. I hope I can still give you useful content!

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