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Cruelty Free

One of my new years resolutions was to only by beauty, skin and healthcare products that are cruelty free. Getting out of the mindset of automatically picking the same big brands from Boots was a struggle at the start, and I do have a couple of “fails” with products I’ve tried, but by and large it’s been a positive change for me. I know I needed to be more mindful and considerate when selecting products.

I’ve selected three of my favourite cruelty free products to talk about, though I have many more. I’ll write about some of the others at a different point.

Now, you’re seeing me write “three” but there’s only two in the picture, right?

Well, the first product is my Odango Lush shampoo bar. The reason why it’s not here is because it’s a shampoo bar that’s half used and to it is gross and ugly and not fitting for a pretty flat-lay. But nevertheless, it’s an amazing product.

I love the Lush shampoo bars – I discovered them at Christmas as I bought one for my sister. The lady in Lush was telling me how not only is it vegetarian and cruelty free, but it also saves on SO MUCH plastic since it’s a bar.

The Odango bar is an online exclusive, and smells amazing. Think calming lavender, camomile. It’s much larger than the in-store ones, and I’ve been using it since a bit before Christmas. I’m about half way through it. It’s really easy to lather up in my hands, but I do let it sit on the side of the bath to collect moisture, so it’s extra soft when I go to use it.

To compliment this shampoo, I did buy the bar conditioner as well, but I find that much harder to use. It’s really challenging to get the product onto my hair, even when I let it sit in some water. I did a bit of research and found that Superdrug has a range of vegan, cruelty free shampoos and conditioners. I went to investigate.

I went for the Black Castor and Shea conditioner. Now, if you’re into pretty scents, this one is for you. The sweet scent lingers on your hair and so you get a burst of it throughout the day as well. Leaves my hair really soft and manageable. It’s just such a shame I can’t give the bottle back for it to be used again, as in Lush. The packaging says the bottle is recyclable, however.

Makeup is probably the hardest part of being cruelty free. With toiletries I have started off at Lush and then worked my way into other areas if need be. I think wit makeup I’ll start off at The Body Shop, then work my way out. Despite The Body Shop being owned by L’Oreal now, they are still cruelty free. A lot of companies sell in China, where animal testing needs to be done by law. Therefore if a company (like L’Oreal) sells in China that means that product is not cruelty free.

However, as I said, The Body Shop remains very much cruelty free. I’d not really used any of their makeup items before, so I was unsure of the quality and range. I spoke with the shop assistant for a long time, trying different foundations. I settled in the end on the Fresh Nude foundation, which is light but with a decent level of coverage. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s really great. Doesn’t get cakey, flakey or gross in the afternoon. My running around a school all day at work doesn’t faze it.

Those are my top cruelty free picks. I’d love to get recommendations so I can expand out – let me know where I shop be shopping next!


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