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A long time ago, I did a series called “What It’s Like To Be A…” where I interviewed friends about their jobs and published the answers in print. You can still find these posts by searching “what it’s like to be a”. They were super fun to do, and readers at the time seemed to enjoy them, so I decided to start them up again.

Only, this time, instead of publishing them in print, I have decided to record them.

Kelly is a blogger I met for the first time about a year ago, at an event. At the time she was telling me about this new marketing job she was going for, and how she was really looking forward to it. I was really happy when she replied to a call out I did on Facebook, wanting people to interview about their jobs.

Marketing is such an interesting field, since it’s something a lot of people don’t intend to do, they just find themselves there. We met up at Bridges Cafe in Cambridge, so there is a fair bit of background noise, but hopefully not so much that it’s not enjoyable to listen in. Just listening to it now, there is a LOT of noise in the background at some points…sorry.

This is the FIRST time I’d interviewed someone, and there’s things I’d look to do next time. “Uhm” a lot less, for one. But I think it was a nice little chat about marketing and what someone should know about working in that field.

If you’re in the Cambridge area, and would like to chat to me about your job, let me know!


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